The Junior League of Akron’s Past Projects and Focus Areas

These are projects that were either started, refined, or participated in and transferred to the community for ongoing operation thanks to the financial and volunteer resources from the Junior League of Akron.

Kids in the Kitchen
Blessings in a Backpack

Children Who Witness Violence
Mobile Meals Adopt a High Rise

The Volunteer Fair
The Oral Health Initiative
The Immunization Coalition of Summit County
Family T.I.E.S. (partnering with Akron Child Guidance Center)

Mentorship Program Coalition
Realistic Parenting (“What’s Next? You and Your Baby”)
Guardian Ad Litem
Institute for Child Advocacy
Guardian Improvement Program
Scholarship Fund
Family Recovery Center
Junior Leadership Akron
Safe Landing Youth Shelter for Girls
Sexuality: Parent and Kids Talk
Battered Women’s Shelter

Motor Perceptual Project
Health Education Center
Summit County Toy and Resource Center
International Film and Television Festival of New York, Award-winning “City at the Summit”
Going Places
Safe Landing Runaway Shelter
Child Abuse Awareness Project
Akron Art Substitute (Artmobile)

Mental Health Educational Seminars and Rallies
The Henry and Grace School Learning Resource Center
Family Living Institute
Planned Parenthood Association
“Direction” Booklet for the Handicapped
Health Museum
Pre-School Therapy Unit at Akron Child Guidance Center

Child Welfare Survey
“Patches and Quilts” Publication
Homemaker Service
Akron Recreation Department Show Wagon
Children’s Gallery at the Akron Art Institute

World War II Volunteer Efforts: Red Cross/Motor Corps, USO, nurses aides and Grey Ladies
Volunteer Service Bureau (The Volunteer Center)

Katherine McLain Knight Nursery
East Akron Community House
Aid to Dependent Children
Akron Health Department
Well Baby Clinic
Akron Child Guidance Center

Akron City Hospital Book Collection/Carts
Children’s Hospital Book Collection/Carts
Bowen/Goodrich Schools Occupational Therapy Program
Mary Day Nursery