New Member Requirements

1.  New Members of the JLA are required to attend the 2 New Member courses. Meetings are designed to educate New Members about the League, introduce volunteer opportunities within the community and provide training.

2.  New members must attend and participate in various meetings, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, trainings, etc. General Membership Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and are typically at the JLA House.

3.  Each new member will talk with a member of the Nominating and Placement Council and/or a mentor for the Membership Council at least twice during the New Member year to discuss her thoughts on the League, goals, and future committee placement.

4.  The JLA’s Member dues are $260.00 per year and are due with the New Member Agreement, however dues may be prorated depending on the point in the League year in which you join. No portion of the dues is refundable at any time. Different arrangements can be made and payment plans are available.

5.  Each New Member must complete the training portion within twelve (12) months of beginning the course. If a New Member has not completed the training or made arrangement to make up what was missed, she will not be considered a New Member of the JLA.

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